Happy August 26th and celebrate with a new video!

Women have been voting in the United States for 92 years. To celebrate, here’s a new video to help us make the most of the day! It’s from the National Women’s History Museum.

The National Women’s History Project has wonderful resources for the celebration of August 26. Highlights include a downloadable brochure, August dates for women’s history observances, a first-person story by Maud Wood Park about the suffrage movement, and much more! When planning any sort of event or community program, you can count on the NWHP to have lots of links and resources on its web site.

Subscribe to Suffrage Wagon News Channel for news and stories of the Votes for Women movement that interests, delights and builds leadership for these times. SWNC posts twice a week. And we have an issue of our quarterly newsletter in the works for the fall. The SWNC 2012 summer issue is still available.


6 responses to “Happy August 26th and celebrate with a new video!

  1. No one has ever wished me a Happy August 26th before this. As women come under attack, this form of greeting and awareness of our anniversaries and holidays will become even more necessary. Yes, yes, yes. Thanks. I needed this with my coffee this morning.

  2. A happy August 26th to you too. Thanks for sticking with this. When I first read your news channel, I couldn;t figure out how you would have enough to talk about. I appreciate seeing video when it comes your way.

  3. An easy way to learn about Votes for Women.

  4. Interesting how the August 26th celebration picks up steam every year. What are you doing for Women’s Equality Day in 2013?

  5. I like the video links.

  6. I look forward to your news surveys.

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