Celebrating the stuff of our suffragist grandmothers and others!


August 26th isn’t Women’s Equality Day in the UK because they didn’t have to amend the constitution like we did with the 19th amendment. But there’s an upcoming grandmother celebration in the UK that’s worth featuring for several reasons: 1) the family’s pride in sharing the archive of Grandmother Alice Hawkins’ suffrage memorabilia 2) public interest in the subject matter. Alice’s great grandson Peter Barratt has a variety of digital resources on the web site devoted to Alice Hawkins, family member, working woman, and suffrage activist. Peter speaks at community events about his great grandmother. In the U.S., events like this are increasing, but they’re by no means as developed as in the U.K. as with this news item from Edinburgh.

There’s a lot to celebrate on this side of the Atlantic. Special events for Women’s Equality Day (August 26th) are scheduled throughout the U.S., and in New Mexico, in  particular with “Mujeres Presente: New Mexico Women Who Rocked the Vote.” And if you’re wondering about a special gift for someone for an upcoming birthday or holiday, check out the Alice Paul suffragist gold coin.

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8 responses to “Celebrating the stuff of our suffragist grandmothers and others!

  1. I’m ready to adopt just about anybody’s grandmother who worked for suffrage. Those ladies really showed up for us. We owe them love and respect by celebrating their hard work.

  2. If we don’t celebrate our brave grandmothers and great grandmothers, who will? I ask you?

  3. More. More, please.

  4. I am tired of all this crap about restricting voting for political gain in the outcome. Susan would not be pleased.

  5. Willie Lawrence

    It’s special when a relative or grandchild talks about their suffrage ancestor. It makes things much more personal and interesting.

  6. Thank you for the excellent posts!

  7. Very useful post. Thank you!

  8. This guy from the UK is awesome. I spent time visiting his grandmother’s web pages.

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