Suffragette descendants hit the streets in the UK & at the Olympics

Who would have thought that a suffrage parade would attract mass attention in 2012? This happened in the UK recently when descendants of suffragettes and others marched at the Olympic opening ceremonies. It’s not the best video (see link below) possible, but it gives a feel for how it must have been for the suffrage marchers. It’s not surprising that the event was a life-changing experience for most, propelling them to future involvement in the political process, just as their grandmothers and great grandmothers were involved.

Take a look at some of these articles from the UK. English women are also planning to continue with the suffrage theme and march on Parliament in October 2012 to draw attention to the backsliding relative to women’s rights!

Here are several links to brighten your day: Link #1  Link #2   Link #3

This isn’t the first time when protestors have showed up dressed as suffragettes. Check out this example in the UK in 2010.

Photo: 1913, arrest of suffragette. London. Library of Congress. Subscribe to Suffrage Wagon News Channel for news and stories of the Votes for Women movement. Visit SWNC central.


8 responses to “Suffragette descendants hit the streets in the UK & at the Olympics

  1. I started to cry on seeing this video. I didn’t expect that. It just moved me to watch these women in front of so many people.

  2. You’ve been saying for a long time that there’s more interest in the suffrage movement and I couldn’t figure out what you might be talking about until I saw this post. I never could have predicted this. Cool.

  3. Larry Houghteling

    Great site. I like it. Greetings. I want to find out what these Brits do next.

  4. I like it when your give an overview of the suffrage movement. I’m definitely down for hearing more about the British women.

  5. These British women are cool. I like hearing the news about them.

  6. Billie Mae Howard

    Your blog is very well written and creative.

  7. Fantastic information.

  8. Those English women are somethin else.

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