Spirit of 1776 Campaign

The Spirit of 1776 Campaign was launched during Women’s History Month 2015 with the grand opening of Suffrage Wagon Cafe. Take a look at the programs during the four-day festival and our goal: to restore the women’s suffrage movement to its rightful place in American history.

Suffrage Wagon Cafe has ongoing programs and features. And Suffrage Wagon Cooking School continues to link cooking with today and yesterday.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel has 100+ videos on Vimeo and YouTube.  

Film Crash Course on Suffrage WagonFollow Suffrage Wagon News Channel on Facebook and Twitter. Quarterly newsletters just by signing up. Suffrage Wagon News Channel has video platforms on Vimeo and YouTube.

Meet your friends at the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. Follow SuffrageCentennials.com for news and views about upcoming suffrage centennials. “Choose it and Use it” is a video reminding us of how the past is linked to what we do today and its impact on the future.

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