Reporter Nellie Bly goes undercover on Day #2 of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s grand opening festival

Marguerite Kearns, your host

Suffrage Wagon Cafe: nellie Bly

With your host, Marguerite Kearns.

I’m back on this second day of the women’s history festival celebrating the opening of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. This four-day festival started with my welcome greeting followed by the opening of the doors of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. There was even a reminder that when you’re planning your next vacation, take a look at the video about visiting Seneca Falls, New York. It’s in the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the United States. Some folks consider it a destination for travel, but for me and many others, it’s a pilgrimage that women’s suffrage movement fans take seriously.


In this Suffrage Wagon Cafe feature, we’re focusing on Nellie Bly, one of America’s early investigative reporters. And there’s an upcoming film: “10 Days in a Madhouse.” Pull up a seat for two videos and an audio selection. The more I know about reporter Nellie Bly, the more I appreciate the shoulders on which my grandmother Edna Kearns stood when she covered and edited Votes for Women news for New York City metropolitan newspapers from 1910 to 1920.

Many people are aware of America’s early press women especially Nellie Bly and Margaret Fuller. Relatively few are aware of how suffrage activists were in this wave of America’s early press women. They made noteworthy contributions as editors, columnists, publicists, and reporters.

SPECIAL ON SUFFRAGE WAGON CAFE: The production team for the upcoming film, “10 Days in a Madhouse” estimates its release date to be late in September of 2015. 

Nellie Bly, America’s muckraker, press woman, investigative reporter, and her “10 Days in a Madhouse” on Vimeo.

10 Days in a Madhouse Trailer from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.

AUDIO READING OF “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE”: This is a selected reading from Librivox. Nellie Bly’s writing about her undercover work is in the public domain. This edited selection is part of Suffrage Wagon’s audio collection on Soundcloud.


AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The “Suffragette” film from the UK has released its international distribution date as October 2015.

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9 responses to “Reporter Nellie Bly goes undercover on Day #2 of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s grand opening festival

  1. I’m amazed that you have people coming to this site. I always thought this part of history as boring. Old hat. The women were so patient while being stepped on. That’s what my husband says when I tell him I would like to visit Seneca Falls. Why would you want to do that?

  2. My friend Dana in Texas sent me this link. She has been telling me about suffrage wagon, but I didn’t know what suffrage wagon meant, and so it took her 2 tries to get my attention. I would have forgotten except today I didn’t have much going so. So I decided to give it a look. Dana told me about making scones from the chef, and I didn’t know about the videos and such.

  3. Coming on board for the first time. Enjoying the cafe.

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  5. Nellie Bly is a film people should know about. I’ve been waiting for some productions that are about and feature women. You put an interesting spin on this time in our history. Brave woman, Nellie Bly.

  6. Virginia Green

    Good class material.

  7. This is a very important movie. Back in the days of Nellie Bly, marriage was the only choice. The women couldn’t get jobs or an education unless they came from rich families. So many of them were out in the streets and gobbled up in the mental hospitals. You would be crazy too if you didn’t toe the line. I hope the movie makes this point. This story is more than a brave reporter that goes undercover. It’s that and much more.

  8. I liked hearing Nellie Bly’s own words. A big difference between hearing about them and actually listening to them from the source.

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