Video preview of Day #3 of Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s four day festival

The Anti-Suffrage Movement: Suffrage Wagon Cafe features a video and a book about those who didn’t want women to vote on Vimeo.

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5 responses to “Video preview of Day #3 of Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s four day festival

  1. Not only did the see the preview here, but this morning I took a peek at the article about the anti-suffrage movement. These programs are short, sweet, and fun.

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  3. This is a fascinating article. I never thought much about the anti suffrage movement but it is out there, still alive and well but in a different form today. There are some factions that will do their best to make sure no woman is elected president of the United States. And get ready for some really nasty things happening from now until the election next year.

  4. It’s finally before us. A woman running for president. I’m putting up a rogues gallery in my basement for all those in the closet who are still angry at their mommies for something they don’t even remember.

  5. Find your spin on this subject something I’ll remember.

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