A message from Marguerite Kearns on Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s opening: March 28, 2015

A welcome from your Suffrage Wagon Cafe host, Marguerite Kearns.

Marguerite Kearns’ welcome message for Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s opening, the go-to place for women’s suffrage programs on Vimeo.

Suffrage Wagon Cafe is open. Welcome! This video highlights a special greeting from me, your host Marguerite Kearns. It’s important to note how Americans are making a connection today between their family histories and the larger sweep of American history. I’ve been telling everyone: “The result has been like a jolt of electricity that’s redefining our cultural identity. Dry accounts in history books aren’t enough anymore. We want our history alive and relevant.”

The Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s special campaign is called the “Spirit of 1776.” The goal is to restore the women’s suffrage movement to its proper place in American history. It’s about time this remarkable part of American history emerges from the shadows. I started out on this journey to find out about my suffragist grandmother, Edna Kearns, and I’m discovering so much more. Follow Suffrage Wagon Cafe on Suffrage Wagon News Channel.

Voting rights and how they were won continues to be a critical issue for our times. And because a woman may run for the U.S. presidency in 2016, the story of how women won the vote will be of increased interest. You can stay in touch with Twitter, Facebook, email and the quarterly newsletter. Follow the Suffrage Wagon.

The Suffrage Wagon Cafe is open. Join us for women’s suffrage history, events and issues! on Vimeo. We have menu items that have been prepared at the Suffrage Wagon Cooking School.

Seneca Falls, New York is a pilgrimage and a destination. Enjoy the highlights of visiting the national park at Seneca Falls, New York in this video feature. 

OTHER NEWS: Do you know that the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon will be exhibited at the New York State Museum in 2017, the state’s 2017 suffrage centennial observance? Video announcement.

Opening of Suffrage Wagon CafeStay current with the programs of Suffrage Wagon Cafe. Have fun with us at the Suffrage Wagon Cooking School.

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Suffrage Wagon News Channel has video platforms on Vimeo and YouTube. There are more than 100 videos made for and highlighting our channel. Follow SuffrageCentennials.com for news and views about upcoming suffrage centennials. 

7 responses to “A message from Marguerite Kearns on Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s opening: March 28, 2015

  1. Jane Whitman Kelly

    Just got the opening announcement by email. I subscribe to the quarterly newsletter too. I like Marguerite’s welcome message. It’s not only personal but interesting to see how the woman’s suffrage movement fits into the overall view of history.

  2. None of this would get my attention without the personal intro. It makes history come alive to me when I know that people today still are in touch with their memories of family members. That’s not how I was taught history. Only dates and battles. I love the perspective here.

  3. I’ve been on the quarterly newsletter list for the past year and thought four times a year was about my speed. After the first day of Suffrage Wagon Cafe, I see what I am missing. I get a kick out of Suffrage Wagon Cooking School. It’s a hoot. And it inspired me to get into the kitchen, even if it’s not often. Like Pi Day. What an excuse to do something decadent, even if good ole American applepie isn’t so unusual. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.

  4. Am I too late to catch up and join the conversation. Where are you planning to go with this?

  5. Pingback: Message from Dr. Helen Pankhurst on Day #4 of Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s opening festival! | Suffrage Wagon News Channel: BLOG

  6. I’ve been following the suffrage wagon, so it’s wonderful news it will be at the new york state museum.

  7. I heard my great aunt was into this, but I didn’t know enough to ask any questions when I was a kid.

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