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The Buzz about “10 Days in a Madhouse”: Featured program at Suffrage Wagon Cafe


“10 Days in a Madhouse” film opens in November 2015 on Vimeo.

by Marguerite Kearns

Welcome to Suffrage Wagon Cafe. I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Susan Goforth and Timothy Hines. Susan is the producer and her husband Timothy Hines, the director of “10 Days in a Madhouse.” The film featuring investigative reporter Nellie Bly and starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Kelly LeBrock and others. It’s available in US theaters staring this week in a staggered release across the nation (Pandragon Films).

The production is based on Nellie Bly’s actual undercover investigative reporting on Blackwell’s Island, a mental hospital before the turn of the 20th century. It’s an important film, the type of production that’s in short supply these days –a work about women who are more than secondary characters, but rather pivotal individuals who move the plot forward.


"10 Days in a Madhouse" film“10 Days in a Madhouse” producer Susan Goforth had this to say when we first corresponded about the film in production: “I’m sure there are many women out there inspired by Nellie Bly as you and I. More than ever, we need a positive female role model for the upcoming year. It’s my privilege to serve in the making of this movie, a movie far greater than the sum of its parts, a movie that has already transformed the lives of the hundreds of people who helped make it. Surely Nellie Bly’s spirit has been involved in making this amazing film!”

I read the Nellie Bly biography by Brooke Kroeger and found it a fascinating account of her life. That’s when I found out many more details about Nellie, including her press coverage of the U.S. women’s rights movement. Nellie’s interview with Susan B. Anthony opened people’s eyes across the nation about this icon as a private person as well as her dedication as a women’s rights activist over decades. Nellie also covered the 1913 big suffrage parade in Washington, DC. She spoke her mind and attracted attention and scrutiny about a wide variety of issues. This film is opening doors to an understanding of women in the past who have made a difference.


Librivox, Nellie BlyBut “10 Days in a Madhouse” isn’t about Nellie as a suffrage activist. That’s background. The film expands our understanding of Nellie’s undercover journalistic coverage that opened the door for change in funding and policy making for publicly-funded institutions. It’s shocking. It’s informative. And the film is a must see.

The film stays true to Nellie’s journalistic accomplishments in a production that’s expected to be in the spotlight during the Academy awards in 2016. You can see it now. The production features 90% women. It’s a valuable tool for teaching and learning about Nellie Bly and her cutting-edge work in investigative journalism.

Listen to Nellie’s own words in the entire print coverage of “10 Days in a Madhouse” on Librivox. The Suffrage Wagon News Channel edited version is shorter (about four minutes). Stretch out with the audio before you see the film. More coming soon about “10 Days in a Madhouse.”

SuffragetteWhile you’re planning for a night out on the town, add the film “Suffragette” to your list. Susan Goforth and Timothy Hines believe the two films together will have people talking and thinking for quite a while. Support women filmmakers, performers, directors, producers, and production staff. We’re about to witness change when it comes to women in the entertainment industry. Support what’s on its way and demonstrate that we want more!

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Women’s suffrage movement news features Nellie Bly & more

Suffrage Movement News Notes from Suffrage Wagon on Vimeo.

April’s news notes are highlighted in this video that also promotes the next program at Suffrage Wagon Cafe: May 8, 2015. An interview and special feature with Eighty Bug, award-winning performer and songwriter who just won an award for “Spirit of 1776: A Suffragette Anthem.” What are you doing for August 26th, the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? A great time to plan a trip to the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the U.S. –in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Nellie Bly on Google

Have you heard about the upcoming film, “10 Days in a Madhouse”? It’s due for release on September 25th. When I opened my browser to do a search, I almost fell off my chair to see Nellie Bly staring at me as a Google image. More.

Nellie Bly opened doors with her investigative reporting. And what better way to find out more than to stand in line for your ticket when the film opens this fall.

Nellie Bly

When Edna Kearns pounded on the doors of newspaper editors in NYC with her activist columns and suffrage news, her ability to find receptive ears was due, in part, to trailblazing Nellie Bly. The film “10 Days in a Madhouse” is getting attention at the Bentonville Film Festival. Great news! And check out the movie trailer and an audio reading from Nellie’s own writing! A special feature from Suffrage Wagon Cafe.


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Reporter Nellie Bly goes undercover on Day #2 of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s grand opening festival

Marguerite Kearns, your host

Suffrage Wagon Cafe: nellie Bly

With your host, Marguerite Kearns.

I’m back on this second day of the women’s history festival celebrating the opening of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. This four-day festival started with my welcome greeting followed by the opening of the doors of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. There was even a reminder that when you’re planning your next vacation, take a look at the video about visiting Seneca Falls, New York. It’s in the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the United States. Some folks consider it a destination for travel, but for me and many others, it’s a pilgrimage that women’s suffrage movement fans take seriously.


In this Suffrage Wagon Cafe feature, we’re focusing on Nellie Bly, one of America’s early investigative reporters. And there’s an upcoming film: “10 Days in a Madhouse.” Pull up a seat for two videos and an audio selection. The more I know about reporter Nellie Bly, the more I appreciate the shoulders on which my grandmother Edna Kearns stood when she covered and edited Votes for Women news for New York City metropolitan newspapers from 1910 to 1920.

Many people are aware of America’s early press women especially Nellie Bly and Margaret Fuller. Relatively few are aware of how suffrage activists were in this wave of America’s early press women. They made noteworthy contributions as editors, columnists, publicists, and reporters.

SPECIAL ON SUFFRAGE WAGON CAFE: The production team for the upcoming film, “10 Days in a Madhouse” estimates its release date to be late in September of 2015. 

Nellie Bly, America’s muckraker, press woman, investigative reporter, and her “10 Days in a Madhouse” on Vimeo.

10 Days in a Madhouse Trailer from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.

AUDIO READING OF “10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE”: This is a selected reading from Librivox. Nellie Bly’s writing about her undercover work is in the public domain. This edited selection is part of Suffrage Wagon’s audio collection on Soundcloud.


AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The “Suffragette” film from the UK has released its international distribution date as October 2015.

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