IMPT announcement and Women’s History Month news notes!

News Notes for Women’s History Month: From Suffrage Wagon News Channel on Vimeo.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT in the Winter/Spring issue of the quarterly newsletter. Have you heard about the exhibition of the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon in the upcoming New York State suffrage centennial celebration in 2017?

The Alice Paul Institute has celebrated its 30th year in suffrage movement advocacy and community service. The National Women’s History Project has a 35th anniversary party this coming weekend in Los Angeles, California. Suffrage Wagon Cafe opens this weekend, March 28th, on SWAN Day and continues for four days with special programming.

National Women's History Project

Alice Paul Institute

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6 responses to “IMPT announcement and Women’s History Month news notes!

  1. Kelly G. Janis

    I found Suffrage Wagon around the Christmas holidays and it has taken me this long to get back to you and say how much I liked the Kearns family holiday video card. And this way of presenting the news is my cup of tea. Short and to the point. I get a kick out of Marguerite’s talking. It works.

  2. I have known about the National Women’s History Project. They’ve been around for 35 years, for heavens sake. If I hear of a teacher looking for something to pass on to their students, I tell them about the National Women’s History Project. It’s their 35th birthday party today and I send my congratulations.

  3. Never heard of Alice Paul before all this information came my way. Still am pretty uninformed but your messages make this fun. And I was so happy to hear about the New York state museum’s plans to put the 76 wagon out in public to us to see 2 years from now. That’s a long way off. Don’t know if I can wait that long. How about putting it on permanent exhibit. Huh?

  4. Sonnie B. Donahue

    I enjoy searching this web internet site for things I missed before I started following. It has superb articles on a subject I never heard about before..

  5. Surprise to find you on the internet.

  6. There are some really persistent people out there carrying the torch for women for years and years. I’m glad you’re bringing aTTENTION to it.

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