VIDEO: Are you ready for the “Spirit of 1776” campaign? It’s on its way.

Suffrage Wagon Quarterly Newsletter coming soon. Are you ready to follow the Spirit of 1776? on Vimeo.

The Spirit of 1776 is a campaign being launched during Women’s History Month 2015 by Suffrage Wagon News Channel to restore the women’s suffrage movement to its rightful place in American history. We’re persistent in our goal of inspiring, motivating, educating, and entertaining audiences about how we stand on strong shoulders. The suffragists were “there” for us. Let’s be “there” for them by voting and becoming leaders in the world today.

If you haven’t signed up for the quarterly newsletter, there’s still time. There’s an important announcement contained in the Winter/Spring 2015 edition.

Are you a parent who wants to educate your daughters and sons about the suffrage movement? Are you a teacher interested in content for your lesson plans? Historians, public officials, citizens, and students of all ages follow the Suffrage Wagon.

And don’t forget the opening of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe on March 28th.

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5 responses to “VIDEO: Are you ready for the “Spirit of 1776” campaign? It’s on its way.

  1. Kelly G. Janis

    I’m here with my cup of peppermint tea waiting for my daughter to call and tell me she’s ready to come home and will I pick her up. I’ve been scanning your videos and I think it’s time for me to get official and follow along. I imagine tugging on the horse’s harness to get the Spirit of 1776 wagon on the road. I’ll have time for a few more comments. I write a blog so I know how important they are.

  2. I support what you’re doing to let the world know about this time in our history. Thank you for all the effort. And I got the quarterly newsletter the other day and congratulations that the Spirit of 76 wagon is going to be on exhibit during the New York celebration in 2017. Great. Good work, museum.

  3. Clever idea. A spirit of 1776 campaign.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I’m following on Facebook. You have something posted often and the videos are a treat.

  5. Barbara Steel

    Yes, I’m a parent who wants her offspring to know about this part of history.

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