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Episode #9: Bess tells why Mary Wollstonecraft upset so many people on Suffrage Storytelling!


Episode #9 of “Spirit of 1776″ Suffrage Storytelling.” Mary Wollstonecraft on Vimeo.

Mary WollstonecraftMany people haven’t heard of Mary Wollstonecraft today. She wrote about women’s rights in the late 1700s. And even by 1900, Mary was still considered a hot property because of the controversy she stirred up. Mary not only found fault with men who put women into subservient positions. She also criticized women for going along with the program. She called them “servile parasites.” this upset a lot of people.

Bess, Edna’s best friend. got in trouble at home after her parents found a copy of Mary Wollstonecraft’s writing in her bedroom: “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” This work influenced women, not only in England, but throughout the world. Bess read Mary Wollstonecraft, and she made sure her friends did too!

There’s a small but determined group in the UK organizing to build a memorial sculpture honoring Mary Wollstonecraft. They need money and as much support as possible. Check out the website and support maryonthegreen.org

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Suffrage Video Mania for Women Voters, with Marguerite Kearns, host of Suffrage Wagon Cafe

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Forty barefoot maidens in a suffrage victory dance

Edna Kearns documented as well as participated in the suffrage movement in the New York City area. She wrote for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the Brooklyn Times and many Long Island papers. She’s shown here in a news photo, fourth from the left, in an article describing the performers in the 1914 Armory pageant. Edna noted in pencil on the clipping that she had written the article, not unusual because she was press chair for many events and campaigns. And she submitted copy to many newspapers that was printed with and without her byline. Lulu Kearns, my grandmother Wilmer Kearns’ sister from Beavertown, PA, is noted in the article as a pageant participant!

I love the part describing the “forty beautiful maidens in a final dance of victory.”