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Telling the story, one clipping at a time

I’ve been working through grandmother Edna’s archive of letters, news clippings, photos, and memorabilia of the New York State suffrage movement and have barely scratched the surface. The next step is to weave these snippets into an overall story that highlights what it took to win the vote on the local level. There’s a digital storytelling movement underway nationwide, and it seems timely to move these tales into a chronology and then choose a core story around which to organize the material. Blogs are a way to document the process when the world around us changes so quickly. I like to keep inching forward with this project. Even the TV fall lineup for 2011 is into storytelling, which I believe reflects a basic instinct to listen to, enjoy, and pass on story. We think and dream and live story. I’ll be sharing more of Edna’s stories as the focus on her life grows tighter.