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Support the 2017 suffrage centennial for New York State. on Vimeo.

The “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Kearns and other activists in New York’s state campaigns to win the vote is on exhibit during the month of March 2017 at the State Capitol in Albany, NY. Numerous programs and special celebrations are planned throughout the state. A conference at Cornell University sponsored by NYS Cultural Heritage Tourism on March 15th will feature what it takes to merge tourism with cultural resources such as women’s history and other sites celebrating the state’s legacy.


Upcoming “History in the Hall” Women’s History Exhibit: 100 Years: Votes for New York Women (1917-2017) at Suffolk County Historical Society, Long Island (Riverhead, NY)( When New York State women won the right to vote one hundred years ago—making 2017 the centennial of that historic civil rights victory—their success changed the national political landscape and was a critical tipping point on the road to a constitutional amendment. This exhibit celebrates the centennial by narrating the stories of Long Island women activists who dedicated themselves to the powerful grassroots movement. Curated by Wendy Polhemus-Annibell. On display beginning March 8, 2017.

IN OTHER NEWS: Convention Days, Inc. will honor the women and men who signed the movement’s foundational document, the Declaration of Sentiments, by recognizing the descendants of the document’s original signers. The 2017 Convention Days weekend is July 13 to 16. This year, 2017, marks the State of New York’s commemoration of 100 years of women’s full voting rights. The Declaration of Sentiments and the eleven resolutions adopted at the Seneca Falls Convention were signed by 100 of those in attendance—68 women and 32 men. Descendants of the original signers of the Declaration of Sentiments can register on the Convention Days website at or visit the Seneca Falls Visitor’s Center at 89 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY for more information.

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