A Hot Tea Month Celebration in January 2015

Hot Tea Month in JanuarySuffrage Movement movie teas as described in a 1914 Tribune article. Ken Florey’s article below highlights the role of tea in the suffrage movement.

tealeavesDuring Hot Tea Month in January, we’ll be featuring special articles and videos. Kenneth Florey describes the relationship between tea and suffrage organizing. See Ken’s great Part I article that informs and inspires Hot Tea Month in January. And visit Ken’s web site for the Big Picture view of suffrage memorabilia.

The tea leaves say that January 2015 will be a busy month at Suffrage Wagon News Channel.

Tea Memorabilia

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One response to “A Hot Tea Month Celebration in January 2015

  1. Ken Florey’s articles always get my attention. Thank you, Ken, for including your pearls on suffrage wagon’s channel.

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