A happy holiday video card from the Kearns family!

Happy holidays from the Kearns family! on Vimeo. Edna, Wilmer and Serena Kearns were all involved in the suffrage movement and oh, what a time it was!

THE 2014 HOLIDAY CARD VIDEO from the Kearns family:

That’s right. We’re still celebrating Suffrage Wagon’s fifth birthday in December 2014.

Three very interesting articles I thought you’d find interesting include highlights of the book Remembering Inez. There are optimistic signs about planning in New York State for upcoming votes for women centennials. See summary. And there’s a 2015 wish list that includes a funded NYS suffrage planning commission for 2017 and 2020 suffrage centennials, as well as a suffragist memorial in Lorton, VA and a proposed statue of “real women” (Anthony and Stanton) in New York City’s Central Park.

Video about Suffrage Wagon’s fifth birthday.

.  “A happy birthday greeting” for Suffrage Wagon.
Birthdays are great fun. Martha Wright and Edna Kearns were both born on December 25th. See our previous coverage.

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3 responses to “A happy holiday video card from the Kearns family!

  1. KellyGJanis@gmail.com

    I’ve been meaning to get back on your site for a while and tell you how much I enjoyed the Kearns family greeting card. What a personal touch to a history blog that could be straight and narrow.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to wish Suffrage Wagon a happy fifth birthday until now. But the wish is just as strong. Congratulations for keeping the issue of the women’s suffrage movement alive. Grandmother Edna would be happy.

  3. Didn’t know about Suffrage Wagon until I ran into your fortune cookies on Yahoo and Google. So now I’m doing a crash course after signing up to follow on Facebook. I also did your crash course on suffrage film. Does that make me an expert?

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