Suffrage centennials are getting a lot of play…

"Night of Terror" podcasts on Suffrage Wagon News ChannelSuffrage centennials are getting a lot of play these days. There’s special programming on WAMC Albany, NY today about the upcoming election called “Susan B. Anthony Voted. Did you?” And the upcoming “Night of Terror” podcasts to commemorate November 15th are in the works. Stay tuned! Both events above have the 2020 suffrage centennial celebration in mind.

Here’s the complete “Playing Politics with the President” story series in the event you missed any of the episodes: Podcast #1. Podcast #2. Podcast #3. Podcast #4. Podcast #5. Podcast #6. Podcast #7, Podcast #8, Podcast #9 of the nine-audio podcast series about US President Woodrow Wilson and the impending showdown over the issue of women voting. This is the leadup to when things became sticky and led Alice Paul and the National Woman’s Party to picket the White House followed by prison time in 1917 at the Occoquan Workhouse.

The audio series “Playing Politics with the President” is the background context to the upcoming “Night of Terror” audio podcasts. The audio podcasts are from Doris Stevens’ “Jailed for Freedom,” 1920 book. Audio by Librivox. Reading by Kate West and others.

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5 responses to “Suffrage centennials are getting a lot of play…

  1. Barbara Blaisdell

    I love all that you do. So proud. I hope people are sending young women & men to these sites… they need to see & read all this history! Looking forward to 2017 & 2020. 🙂

  2. Hi Marguerite….& thanks for this…any chance you could post or link to the text of Susan Zimet’s essay? Incidentally, there is a book-length account of SBA’s “adventure in voting”….the title is “The Woman Who Dared to Vote”.

    • Thanks for the book title. I’ve been reading about Anthony’s voting trial in the context of many other women across the nation who also attempted to vote at the same time. It’s quite interesting. Anthony’s trial got a lot of press. Studying the context of her protest deepens one’s understanding of the many layers of the suffrage movement that I’m coming to appreciate. I’m not sure about a transcript, but I’ll check.

  3. What a terrific idea to observe the “Night of Terror” on November 15th. Keep me posted. Thanks.

  4. I’m using this web site to jump in the water over my head and find out all that I didn’t learn about in school.

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