VIDEO: Spirit of 1776″ wagon heads toward 2020!

VIDEO: This posting is a reminder about where the “Spirit of 1776” wagon has been and where it is headed –to 2017 and 2020 suffrage centennial celebrations.

In upcoming elections, ask ALL candidates their thoughts on how the present day is linked to the long struggle for equality and justice. Reinforce how it is critical to get behind our upcoming suffrage centennials with funding and leadership. Emphasize that we’re not satisfied with more volunteering opportunities and an endless series of bake sales.

If you’re supporting the idea of the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon on permanent exhibit, give the idea an extra boost with this video.

Music video about the “Spirit of 1776” wagon. A toe-tapping reminder of where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

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2 responses to “VIDEO: Spirit of 1776″ wagon heads toward 2020!

  1. Giving it a boost and posting to my Facebook page! I so hope to see the wagon on permanent exhibit. I have stated so many times that this wagon is so much the suffrage canvass in so many ways. When you see this wagon, you can see and smell the era. It is a visual of that time.

  2. Dana, you should know that the New York State Museum is going to put the wagon on exhibit in 2017, the year of the state’s 2017 suffrage centennial. I think the wagon should be on permanent exhibit. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to the young people?

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