The plot thickens…Podcast #3: “Trouble in Seneca Falls”

The plot thickens as the town of Seneca Falls, New York prepares for its big celebration this weekend with Convention Days 2014 where the entire community will be decked out for the festivities. Meanwhile, here’s Podcast #3 where Elizabeth Cady Stanton collaborates with four other women to plan the convention and some of the participants have second thoughts. It appeared, at first, that the 1848 women’s rights convention might be a failure. Watch for the ongoing story of “Trouble Brewing in Seneca Falls.” Audio, Librivox. A production of Suffrage Wagon News Channel.

Hear Cady-Stanton’s own words:

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3 responses to “The plot thickens…Podcast #3: “Trouble in Seneca Falls”

  1. singallslewis

    This is so useful! We are working on a multi-level curriculum including the Seneca Falls meeting & Declaration of Sentiments, ranging from 4th grade through grad school, and are looking for new sources.

  2. Glad that these podcasts are so useful. There are a total of seven podcasts scheduled and several more are scheduled in the series.

  3. Count me in on this conversation. I really liked the entire series of Seneca Falls. I live in Arkansas and it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll get to Seneca Falls in the near future, though you never know. I’m sending a cheer in your direction. Keep it up!

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