Points of view about Elizabeth Cady Stanton on her November birthday!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Cady Stanton copyNovember 12th is Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s birthday, and it’s my mother Wilma’s birthday as well. And don’t forget my friend and collaborator Olivia Twine who weighs in with November 12th as her birthday. November is heavily weighted with women’s birthdays, and the National Women’s History Project does a great job of pointing this out.

After a trip to the “Cradle” of the women’s rights movement in the United States this fall, we stood witness to the places that percolated with activity and risks during the 19th century. And these free thought activists experienced their share of criticism as well. Each year we promote travel to Seneca Falls, NY and the national park there with a virtual birthday party for Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Join us this year!

But not everyone is taking a seat at the virtual birthday party. Blogger Mikki Kendall believes that Elizabeth Cady Stanton is a skeleton in the closet of feminism. Listen to her audio. Lori Ginzberg, Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s biographer, expresses what it was like to write a biography of Stanton, the first serious biography in decades, and she doesn’t spare any words about Stanton’s mixed history in the suffrage movement.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Stanton caused waves on many levels. And the purpose of studying any period of history is to draw a circle around it and examine the details, the warts, the high and low points. The suffragists were as varied as any group of women voters today, and we continue to build on their strong shoulders. Here at Suffrage Wagon News Channel we rock the cradle by embracing the suffrage movement as an important part of American history.

Visit Seneca Falls, New York: Historic gateway to the Finger Lakes. Seneca Falls has an insider’s guide. Women’s Rights National Historic ParkNational Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY. Find out about other historic sites to visit in the “Cradle” of the suffrage movement near Seneca Falls, NY. A one-hour documentary about  Seneca Falls, NY and nine teenage girls who visited there to discover themselves and their history. Ideas for teachers. Review of novel about Seneca Falls by Tara Bloyd.

Follow the Suffrage Wagon with twice-weekly posts of news and views of the suffrage movement.


3 responses to “Points of view about Elizabeth Cady Stanton on her November birthday!

  1. Elizabeth, you aren’t perfect like the men. Poor thing. That’s what happens when people don’t look at the big picture. I wonder if your critics are so perfect that they could withstand the potshots. It’s so easy to criticize. I’d like to see the records of perfection that your critics have themselves. Canonize? I don’t think anyone would want to canonize Stanton. Least of all the Catholic Church. She was so critical of the Bible because of how it portrayed women.

  2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton may have gotten criticism than others in the movement, but I’d like to ask those who criticize her what their grandmothers and great or great-great grandmothers were doing at around that time and if they were sticking their necks out. It’s easy to throw pot shots and most difficult to come out into the open and take risks.

  3. I love having different points of view out there for me to think about, agree or not agree. Or otherwise the blog becomes just a collection of puff pieces. And what’s the point of that? Suffragists were human, just like us. Let’s look at all of our history and make up our minds for ourselves.

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