September 2013 Suffrage Wagon News Notes from Edna Kearns

Suffrage Wagon News Notes, September 2013The fall is a terrific time for travel, and the blogging bus headed to the Cradle of the women’s rights movement in the US is about ready to hit the road. Join us! Sign up for the free tour. Enjoy a road trip through upstate New York, the “Cradle.”

While it’s still warm outside, squeeze in a cookout with roast corn on the cob. Chef Cutting shares his secrets for a mouth-watering way to roast corn, either outside on a grill or in your oven, at the first lesson from the Suffrage Wagon Cooking School.

News Notes for September 2013: What Obama did in Seneca Falls, NY. #1. #2. August 26th or Women’s Equality Day is like July 4th. #1. #2. Women voters in US are going to the polls in high numbers. #1. #2. The importance of Susan B. Anthony’s scrapbooks. #1. How department stores changed the dynamics for early 20th century women and their families. #1. #2.  One hundred years for women voting in Illinois. #1. Award for film about suffrage movement in the Bahamas. #1. #2.

A second season for UK suffrage sitcom, “Up the Women.”  Study notes for the Declaration of Sentiments from the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848. #1. Pathways for highway travel have important implications for attracting visitors to the “Cradle” of the US women’s suffrage movement. #1. #2.  The implications of a New York State Free thought Trail. #1. #2.  News from around the world: Women voters in India. #1.

Visit the Suffrage Wagon magazine feature platform. Follow the Suffrage Wagon as it’s headed to the cradle of the women’s rights movement in the US. It’s the wagon’s suffrage centennial and we want to make the most of it.


6 responses to “September 2013 Suffrage Wagon News Notes from Edna Kearns

  1. Amazing how I find such treasures in these Suffrage Wagon News Notes. The president of the US, and what’s happening with women in India, and study notes for the 1848 Declaration of Sentiments, and so much more. It’s something I look forward to, though I sometimes pass over these collections and say I’ll be back again, and then I don’t. One good thing. The news notes are linked in the archives, I see, and I can go back and check into them. I like how you have the live link and then the PDF, because so often links are broken and this collection of news notes is perfect for someone like me, a researcher, and there isn’t a whole lot on the internet about the suffrage movement, on a regular basis, I mean.

  2. Thanks for these news notes. I don’t have the time to stay current with Twitter or Facebook and can always count on returning to Suffrage Wagon in my free time to bring myself up to date on what’s going on.

  3. Great information. I feel like I’ve been living in the dark! I had no idea that women played such a big part in history. It unfortunate that a lot of this information is never covered in school classes.

  4. Candy D. Hammill

    Never would have believed I would have started being interested in the suffrage movement. My teachers never even mentioned it, and now I wonder why. It might have been an awesome thought to have so many women getting together to overturn a stupid system, though a lot of men sure liked it the way things were.

  5. Just poking around the web site, or should I say the suffrage wagon. I see that you’re not doing these news notes surveys any more and I miss them, tho I expect that it must have been a lot of work. For when you did it, I was a fan. Am staying a fan. And joining with Twitter.

  6. I like the news about the Votes for Women movement.

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