Hurrah! July 1st is the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day in NYS

The "Spirit of 1776" suffrage wagon

One hundred years ago the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon left Manhattan for an intensive month campaigning on Long Island.

Today, July 1, 2013, is the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day in New York State because both houses of the state legislature passed resolutions on June 18, 2013 recognizing the wagon’s centennial. This doesn’t happen every day. Just to add a little juice to the announcement, there were two articles about this day and its significance.

Here’s an article from Women’s eNews. PDF. And another from the Legislative Gazette in Albany, New York. PDF  Votes for Women 2020.

And a NEW VIDEO announcing the publication and distribution of the summer issue of the Suffrage Wagon quarterly newsletter. Here’s the Suffrage Wagon quarterly newsletter summer issue in the event you’re not on the list.

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3 responses to “Hurrah! July 1st is the “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day in NYS

  1. Brenda Mercurio

    Congratulations……hyou worked so hard and it truly paid off…

  2. What an amazing coincidence that in my time–in the year 2013–the Supreme Court struck down part of the historic 1965 voter rights bill just before “Spirit of 1776” Wagon Day. The battle for voting rights for all is clearly far from over.

  3. Amazing. I’m learning so much from this site. Thank you!!!

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