What was Edna Kearns doing on June 27, 1913?

What was Grandmother Edna Kearns doing in June 100 years ago? Grassroots organizing at every opportunity. There were meetings –outdoors, indoors, up on soapboxes, standing on automobiles, out with the “Spirit of 1776” wagon on the beach, and anywhere a crowd gathered. Such is the nature of grassroots organizing. You get out the message however you can, where ever you can. The South Side Observer was a Long Island paper. Edna knocked on editors’ doors with her columns and special suffrage reports. For information about Edna Kearns, her life and work –video and bio.

And now the answer as to what Edna Kearns was doing on June 27th one hundred years ago. She was clipping the newspaper to preserve a record of her grassroots organizing:
South Side Observer, June 27, 1913


4 responses to “What was Edna Kearns doing on June 27, 1913?

  1. I’m down with this blog. Keep going!

  2. Aw, this is really history. Personal history.

  3. I haven’t ever seen a blog posting like this. Oh, I have with newspapers who have a column of what happened 1oo years ago, but not someone I’m following. Like a real person. Someone you kind of take an interest in. Edna and Wilmer and Serena, I mean. The more months that pass, the more I find out about them. Are you thinking of doing a book?

  4. I spend a half an hour every once in a while reading your blog. I get it with email and much prefer going to the blog itself because I can’t see the great photos and illustrations that you post that I bet many people don’t even see. Some topic. Some history. Some grandmother.

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