Visit Seneca Falls, New York

Visit Seneca Falls, New York: Located in the “cradle” of the women’s rights movement in New York State. Seneca Falls is considered the historic gateway to the Finger Lakes.

Link to Seneca Falls ad. Women’s Rights National Historic Park and National Women’s Hall of Fame are in Seneca Falls, NY. Also: #1.  The park is a must see. New programs every season. Seneca Falls has an insider’s guide for visitors which makes the case that there’s something for everyone in the family.

Resources: The awakening of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Part I. Part II. A virtual birthday party for Elizabeth Cady Stanton from Suffrage Wagon News Channel gives reasons for visiting Seneca Falls this summer. We celebrate Cady-Stanton’s birthday all year long.  Ideas for teachers.

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2 responses to “Visit Seneca Falls, New York

  1. Seneca Falls is where I’d like to be on this Fourth of July holiday. Just enough time to get there and back, except my family has other plans. They’re suggesting Labor Day. OK. I’ll compromise. Keep up the articles. I’ll be paying attention.

  2. Howie Crandle

    Visit Seneca Falls? Never thought of it. The world has put Seneca Falls into a box, and it’s about time we peek inside and see some of the special things inside. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m planning a trip upstate with my wife and I’ve been thinking about surprising her. Hey, honey. Let’s head out of town for the weekend. Where? Let me surprise you.

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