Suffrage Films: “The Suffragette” and “The Militant Suffragette”

Watch Charlie Chaplin portray a suffragette in drag in this 1914 film called “A Busy Day,” which was also called “The Militant Suffragette.”

Film, a novelty at the start of the 20th century, received news coverage, and a film shown by the “antis” caused quite a commotion: “The Militant Suffragette.” This 1914 article is about Nellie, the militant suffragette, who made the “antis” blush. Interesting article about suffrage silent films. Another video, below, about suffrage and silent film is worth taking a look.

Excellent film and video about suffrage is highlighted on  “Crash Course on the Suffrage Movement.” Check out our magazine platform.

And Doris recommends videos from Suffrage Wagon. Yes, we’ve been busy producing videos of one minute or less to highlight the movement.


4 responses to “Suffrage Films: “The Suffragette” and “The Militant Suffragette”

  1. So THAT’S the song that was playing at the 2013 centennial parade in Washington! The president of Delta Sigma Theta did a few dance steps to it as she approached the podium. Very cool!

  2. P.S. I’m referring to Lady Gaga’s video, in case it wasn’t clear.

  3. Hi, i read your blog from time to time. Haven’t decided yet if I will subscribe. I just have to remember to check in with you. Two posts a week are a lot for one person to keep up with. But then again, you’re into this subject and I’m just finding out about it. Whoa.

  4. Splendid site. Very novel.

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