Large crowd today in Washington, DC in 2013 for 1913 centennial suffrage parade

Washington, DC newspaper from the archives of Edna B. Kearns. If you like this and other related articles, visit us at Suffrage Wagon News Channel. And subscribe. See other parade highlights: The 1913 Washington, DC suffrage parade from the archives of Edna Buckman Kearns. Link #1. Link #2. Link #3.1913ParadeNewsEDIT

8 responses to “Large crowd today in Washington, DC in 2013 for 1913 centennial suffrage parade

  1. Am a guy who likes to know all the different ways my wife has been influenced by history. Am one of your subscribers.

  2. This is fascinating. 200+ protesters injured. And we throw a fit (rightly so) when one or two unruly protesters are injured today!

  3. I’m always looking for people who look like me and the 2013 suffrage parade did not disappoint.

  4. The newspaper was so different back then compared to the others in this time. I can tell that a lot of people are influenced through this experience and women can be affected by something like this often.

  5. Grandmother Edna must be very proud of you 🙂 You’re continuing her work in your own way and I’m sure the next generation of women will be very appreciative of your work, just as I am. It must have taken a real courage back then to be the voice for women’s right and my sincere respect and tribute goes out to your grandmother for that.

  6. Why don’t you write a book about the suffrage movement? I, for one, would really enjoy reading it. I’m on your subscriber list, so I’ll keep an eye on what’s next for you.

  7. What a good idea Shelley! I would love a book on this subject too. Especially with photos and old old newspaper cuttings to take us back in time. How about it ?

  8. I hadn’t thought about including news clippings, though I don’t know why. I hadn’t expected the response of people really responding to the feeling of reading a newspaper from those times. Grandmother Edna wrote suffrage news. I wonder if she had any idea that her words would reach over time.

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