Suffrage parade centennial festivities starting in Washington, DC right now

Appeal letter from 1913 to organize marchers. From the archives of Edna Buckman Kearns. Edna Kearns and daughter Serena marched in the Quaker division. Wilmer Kearns marched in the men’s division. See Edna’s report after she returned to New York and wrote newspaper columns about the experience. LINK. For information about the centennial parade. LINK.

10 responses to “Suffrage parade centennial festivities starting in Washington, DC right now

  1. Dan G. Stevens

    Couldn’t be there but the vicarious experience was worth it!

  2. I find it strange how they divided the march into different groups based on occupation. How many do you think showed up for the “musicians” group?

  3. What’s amazing? The power of digital media. Or that you feel as if you’ve been there even though the event wasn’t even close by. Probably both. You have a way of traveling into the past as into the present and future. Please take me along with you!

  4. Now this is a piece of history, I love to look at things that go back in time and put you in the situation. Having someone write an article that was published in the New York times and everything is so interesting. It really just brings you back to when it was happening.

  5. I never made it to the parade so I’m looking forward to your coverage after the fact.

  6. At first I didn’t take this blog seriously and then I saw, after a while, that you’re really serious and follow through with what you say you’re going to do. I’m never disappointed when I’m doing other things, then remember, and pay another visit. I enjoy the quirky choices of posts.

  7. My, are you on the case. I love the digital age where I can experience the essence of an event without having to travel 3,000 miles.

  8. I love your on the spot reporting. It really makes me think twice about voting.

  9. Baby Doll Greene

    Thanks on your marvelous posting! I enjoy reading it.

  10. I didn’t go to the parade though I thought about it all day on March 3rd. Too far and too expensive to travel, though I milked as much as I could out of the experience digitally. Amazing, isn’t it?

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