Susan B. Anthony DANCES as part of One Billion Rising!

VIDEO SPECIALS: A tribute to Susan B. Anthony who joins One Billion Rising across the United States and around the world. Susan’s video tribute. LINK. Susan dances with One Billion Rising. LINK.

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day of love and caring and respect for those who are special. It’s a perfect day for One Billion Rising which unites many different types of people in a rising of spirit, action, energy and determination. Let’s put an end to violence to women and girls.

Dance with Suffrage Wagon today. RSVP at suffragewagon at gmail dot com

February 15th is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday, a day celebrated by suffrage advocates and allies during Aunt Susan’s life time that continues to this day. Many women over the years called themselves Susan’s nieces. And it seems fitting to continue the tradition.

Susan’s smiling on February 14, 2013. Join us for One Billion Rising!


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7 responses to “Susan B. Anthony DANCES as part of One Billion Rising!

  1. This isn’t the first time I’ve sat down during my break at work to read your postings. It goes with a good cup of tea. Thank you.

  2. Poor Susan B. Anthony. She’s getting tagged these days as being in favor of everybody’s favorite causes. There’s a Susan B. Anthony flag that supporters of guns carried to one demonstration. Susan was a pacifist, so I would image she’s rolling over in her grave. Susan is credited with being against women’s rights and in favor of the public meddling with women’s bodies. Wow, Susan. You’re some woman!

  3. Chan Thornberg

    Dance, Susan. We need your energy today. And your plucky nature.

  4. Benji May Pelicone

    What a clever idea to have Susan B. Anthony dancing. If there’s anyone who should dance about women rising, it’s Susan B. She looks so formidable in those old photos, but her inner beauty shines through. I wouldn’t have expected that she would still be popular after all these days. She’s 192, is that right? Her fame is nothing compared to the founding fathers, but the founding mothers deserve a spot in heaven. Suffrage Wagon, it seems, is doing everything to make sure she has a throne.

  5. Princess Emily

    I love the idea of Susan B. Anthony dancing to end violence against girls and women. Go, Susan!

  6. Kinky Merriman

    Dance, Susan. DANCE!

  7. AWE, pure Valentine’s Day, “a day of love and caring and respect for those who are special” Its so true, and I think that women enjoy this time more than most others.

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