Women who dared: “Her Hat Was in the Ring”

Jill Norgren, Kristen Gwinn-Becker, and Wendy Chmielewski are project directors for “Her Hat Was in the Ring: U.S. Women Elected to Political Office Before 1920,” a searchable database and web site showcasing 2,300 women who campaigned for and were elected to political office in over 40 states across the U.S. between 1869 and 1920. The web site is freely available and constantly being updated. There is information on the site about campaigns, political office, campaigns by state, and political party. Links to other sites about elected women and suffrage, as well as cartoons, postcards, and literature are also included.

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7 responses to “Women who dared: “Her Hat Was in the Ring”

  1. Excellent web site about women who ran for political office.

  2. This is useful, though I don’t know for what. Maybe a coed’s history project.

  3. I can sense a college paper coming out if this web site.

  4. This blog is… how do I say it? Relevant to me. I heard stories about my great grandmother, and now I can see her in the big picture.

  5. Stay with this blog and web site. And keep going.

  6. Great finding you in the internet haystack.

  7. A great contribution.

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