“Your vote is magic,” Hurricane Sandy, and book reviews for young audiences

NEW FEATURE: Tara Bloyd’s suffrage book reviews for young audiences, a new column for Suffrage Wagon News Channel. Read Tara’s first review!

NEWS FLASH: Hurricane Sandy support. The Times Union of Albany NY ran a story questioning how Susan B. Anthony would vote in this 2012 presidential election? LINK  PDF Our long-time friend Teri Gay (whose comments can be found on this site in “Votes for Women Salon”) was interviewed for the Times Union article.

LAST MINUTE VOTING INFORMATION: Find out where you should go to vote, what will be on your ballot and the issues at stake (Vote411.org). For last minute questions, contact the National Voter Empowerment hotline at 866-698-6831. Make sure you have the right ID to vote (VoterID.me) and know your congressional district (My2012District.com).

“You Don’t Own Me,” a last-minute video appeal to women voters that has gone viral relative to issues affecting women.

SUFFRAGE BOOK SHELF HIGHLIGHTS: Kindle review blog highlights Suffrage Wagon News Channel.  Video (BELOW) and new book, “Your Vote is Magic,” a public affairs campaign by Lyn Dillies, one of the few women master illusionists.

Book on ballot bandits. National award for work on suffrage movement and the power of rhetoric. Five books for young readers recommended. Book outlines what life was like for our suffrage ancestors.  A book about the Pankhurst sisters and their relationship. A mystery novel with a suffragette as the victim. Another review of Sylvia Pankhurst, the rebellious suffragette. Writer hard at work researching life of Emily Davison. A book about the suffrage movement in Oregon. Link #2. Link #2a.

Seeing Suffrage: Voting, then and now is a new book to be published in 2013. Link #1Link #1a.

Amelia Bloomer Project is a committee of the American Library Association evaluating books about gender, including suffrage, geared to readers from birth to age 18. Find out more. The books that girls read are featured in this blog post.

If you’ve read a book that’s important to share, let us know. Contact us at suffragewagon at gmail. Check out the magazine platform of Suffrage Wagon News Channel and new features.


5 responses to ““Your vote is magic,” Hurricane Sandy, and book reviews for young audiences

  1. Am relieved the election is over. There’s a lot of intensity associated with it. Appreciate knowing the background and keeping everyone informed.

  2. This 2012 election is the first time I’ve been aware of people being aware of what it took to win the vote for women. The status quo was crying about the shift. Women want “things,” they told us. How insulting. The thing I want most is equality. A balance of power, in the good sense, of caring and understanding.

  3. I assign my students to the news notes and ask them what they discovered the next day in class. Half have completed the assignment. The other half have their heads in the clouds. What’s their problem? I love suffrage history.

  4. I like the Tara Bloyd book reviews. When will there be another one?

  5. Continue the great writing.

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