News Notes From All Over About Womens Suffrage Movement: September 2012

Here we go on a great ride through suffrage news notes from all over: 

Suffrage inspires high-end Paris fashionable clothing styles; designer supports freedom fashions; Documentary underway about the life of women’s history pioneer Gerta Lerner; the big picture for women globallysuffrage parade in San Diego; the votes of single women; Quebec women won vote in 1944; movement called Sluts Vote; a reminder about how primary documents teach; new historical suffrage marker in Oregon; Irish suffrage jewelry; a North Dakota editor speaks her mind; presidential site has suffrage exhibit; Schlesinger Library has new digital suffrage poster collection; political parties push for women’s votes; unique project featuring Susan B. Anthony’s quilt made when she was young; Suffrage storyteller makes history come alive; Amelia Bloomer historic marker; University of Rochester new important digital historic archive.

New Zealand is the first country in the world for women to vote. September is the 199th anniversary. This short video, below, shows the awareness of the New Zealanders of their accomplishment and the recognition that women in many parts of the world remain disenfranchised and worse.

News clips from New Zealand: Link #1, Link #2, Link #3, Link #4, Link #5

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6 responses to “News Notes From All Over About Womens Suffrage Movement: September 2012

  1. Mark W. Redmond

    Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff.

  2. A Susan B. Anthony quilt. I bet those quilters are grinning.

  3. I love the videos you just put on your site. I’d seen a few of them, but not in one place. You make learning about this part of history a joy.

  4. I like this weblog very much. I was one of those guys who had a teacher in junior high who taught us about ALL the civil rights movements.

  5. Patty Green-Howland

    Couldn’t have predicted I would become so interested in the suffrage movement. This is terrific stuff.

  6. Getting an overview is quite a feat. I feel as if I’m following a movement in the making.

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