Fall newsletter is on the stands!


IN THIS ISSUE: New video: “Women Voters Thank Their Suffrage Ancestors”; Grandmother Edna’s suffrage campaign wagon seen by thousands at New York State Capitol building; the book scholar Susan Ware never wrote about Alice Paul; how Kansas almost didn’t have a 2012 Votes for Women centennial; those who would repeal the 19th amendment; join us for a virtual birthday party for Elizabeth Cady Stanton on November 12th; and more.

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One response to “Fall newsletter is on the stands!

  1. Very interesting newsletter. I agree with the writer from Kansas about the conventional wisdom that women winning the vote over 144 years isn’t important now because women can vote now. By the same logic, the Civil War shouldn’t be worthy of our interest because slavery is a done deal. That’s not the way it is. Nonviolent social change should be on everyone’s docket to study.

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