Make a quilt for the women’s suffrage movement

This online quilt project speaks to tradition and connecting with the grandmothers and great grandmothers. It’s digital and exciting, whether or not you’re actually working on a suffrage quilt. I’ve signed up, just to be a vicarious participant. The site is:

And the suffrage quilt block changes every week. The research about suffragists and the suffrage movement is splendid. The activity is delightful. Here’s the block of one week:

As I check in every week with the progress of the suffrage quilt, I am delighted and impressed following along with the research invested in the project. Even if you don’t make a quilt, you’ll enjoy being part of the quilting circle. Check out

Suffrage Wagon News Channel is accepting press releases of suffrage programs and events. Find out how to submit your releases.

6 responses to “Make a quilt for the women’s suffrage movement

  1. Awesome! I am working on my own suffrage quilt, but it is with embroidery as I don’t piece quilt sqaures like my mother does. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I wish I had the time to make a suffrage quilt. Can’t do everything in life, so I stand behind those in the quilt circle.

  3. I like these newsy tidbits.

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  5. I’d love that quilt on my wall.

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