New York State to cash in on tourism related to history

The conference held this week in Albany, New York attracted about 200 people from around the state to discuss the potential of natural, cultural, and heritage tourism in New York and to announce new signs erected on the state thruway and elsewhere directing travelers to various sites. This is excellent for artifacts such as the suffrage campaign wagon now on exhibit at the state capitol through the end of summer. A state policy supporting historical resources and funding programs makes it more likely that the suffrage wagon won’t gather dust in the state museum warehouse. This is good news for Grandmother Edna and a lot of other people.

For more information about this week’s meeting in Albany, NY: Link #1   Link #2

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10 responses to “New York State to cash in on tourism related to history

  1. Pollyanna Frink

    The suffrage campaign wagon is lucky to be in a place like the NYS Museum, so centrally located and in a state that understands its importance. I predict the wagon will be out in public soon again after the state Capitol exhibit, “From Seneca Falls to the Supreme Court” is over. If the wagon has a destiny, it’s to be seen. I love New York.

  2. Its great to hear about the guidance of travel in New York, which results in reaching destinations safely.

  3. I hope New York goes for more than road signs. Give the tourists and visitors something to remember and think about.

  4. It’s about time, New York.

  5. New Jersey milks a lot from the Alica Paul home. I recommend going there.

  6. I’m going to call around to see how I can get on the list for the next meeting of history supporters.

  7. Zena the Powerful

    I look forward to your posts each week.

  8. I am a history buff and follow history sites. I like the personal and the factual. When it is tied to tourism, I get excited. Good work, New York.

  9. I sent this to my friends in the Northeast and told them to go and see the suffragette wagon in Albany.

  10. This is a great blog over. I wanna thank you.

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