New life for an old logo: Women’s Equality Day!

Every week the planning moves forward for the August 26th celebration. Events can be large or small. Private or public. With big budgets or a process of assembling what’s around the house. There’s an updated logo for Women’s Equality Day from WomenArts in San Francisco from that’s based on the  bugler used by the suffs on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. See above. It’s available on buttons, stickers, t-shirts from Cafe Press. Even if you only wear one button to set the mood, it’s worth it. Get busy!

The history? Well, here it is, plus some background. August 26th celebrations are fun, informative and necessary!


7 responses to “New life for an old logo: Women’s Equality Day!

  1. Just ordered the pin! Now to think of what to do to celebrate!

  2. I think you’re wearing down my resistance to putting on a high tea event. There’s really no excuse. I can get together with friends, old and new, and have plenty of stuff to hand out. How easy can it be.

  3. i always like your posts. You have such a good way of expressing yourself. It speaks for me, thank you. I can’t believe that the US media doesn’t cover the suffrage movement. The Brits are on the topic. Us? Our media is into car chases.

  4. I bet if I wear this button, absolutely no one in my circles will have any idea of why August 26th is important. You are really struggling uphill.

  5. Gooooooooo for it. I love your blog and web site.

  6. How contemporary. A lot of folks can’t relate to vintage dress and styles. I happen to love them, and I also love the updated logo. How special.

  7. Attractive design. Wish I had known about it sooner.

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