Suffragette Slasher Story from film artist!

The suffrage movement is inspiring storytellers. The tale of the English  suffragette slasher is one example from Julie Perini.

Other suffrage stories and news from around the U.S. include: Suffrage storyteller Judy Baker. Oregon’s black suffragist story. Kansas women’s stories on film.


6 responses to “Suffragette Slasher Story from film artist!

  1. Bernadette Gay

    It sounds pretty awful what this English suffragette did. But you have to look at the bigger picture. The suffrage movement was a nonviolent movement overall. The women didn’t declare war and run around shooting those who resisted them. They did everything right, according to the rules. After years of that, they went on to bolder methods, still nonviolent. This is part of history.

  2. Watched the video. Interesting that the work was funded by the New York State Council on the Arts. The story of the suffrage movement, here and abroad, is getting out there. Yeah.

  3. You constantly amaze me with how much there is to say on this subject.

  4. I love how this blog has a variety of offerings. News. Stories. Events. Trends.

  5. Thanks for this info. I had no idea. This situation really made me think.

  6. I love all the individual stories & events that make up the large suffrage movement. I wonder what conservation efforts were used after this painting was “slashed”. Of course, I’ve never heard this mentioned anytime I have seen the painting.

    Emmeline Pankhurst was not a non-violent activist. I probably would not have belonged to her camp, however she did keep suffrage in the news. This allowed the debate to continue. Alice Paul & Lucy Burns, among others learned from the Pankhurst camp and adjusted accordingly.

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