What did Edna Kearns do on the 4th of July, 1913?

Grandmother Edna Kearns hitched a horse to her “Spirit of 1776” wagon and headed to the shore at Long Beach on Long Island. She took two outfits with her: a bathing suit and a white dress with a “Votes for Women” sash. What a crowd on the beach that day, and the group of women made a splash. Edna even got out in the surf to make a “voiceless speech,” a tactic of the suffrage movement which fell under the category of the visual rhetoric associated with sophisticated public relations. Take a look at this link. The suffrage campaign wagon again made the NY Times.


5 responses to “What did Edna Kearns do on the 4th of July, 1913?

  1. Like having the holiday news connection.

  2. If all bloggers created such original content, it would be better reading. They could take a lesson from Grandmother Edna stories.

  3. Interesting how you make this part of history personal.

  4. I love to be a part of this online community.

  5. Stories from the past like this have a lot of potential. I will pass this blog URL on to the middle school in my district.

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