“Appeal to Liberty” on behalf of the foremothers. . .

Read at the feet of the Statue of Liberty on July 4, 1915

To the Men of New York,

We therefore appeal to you, in the name of justice and fair play, for relief from the intolerable position in which we have been placed.

We protest that no Government is just which taxes and governs half its people without their consent.

We protest that no Government is efficient which is guilty of so absurd a discrimination as that of putting a vote in the hand of male paupers and denying that privilege to at least a third of its taxpayers; of counting the opinion of illiterate males, and denying that count to the 41,000 women teachers of the State.

We protest that no Government is sound which pretends to secure the highest welfare to its people, yet pays no heed to what half its people want.

We protest that no Government is logical which elevates half its people regardless of qualifications to sovereignty and condemns the other half to political subjection.

Justice gave you the vote, in the name of that same great virtue, we ask you to give it to us!

For news clips about the entire story about the “Appeal to Liberty” and Edna Kearns carrying on the work on Long Island, follow this link.


12 responses to ““Appeal to Liberty” on behalf of the foremothers. . .

  1. Go, mamas.

  2. Helen Treffen

    I’m a loyal subscriber. Would not have thought I would be. This is a thrilling part of US history.

  3. You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.

  4. I really appreciate how refined the suffragists’ tactics and use of the media were. I never knew much about them until I started reading your blog.

  5. My, you have potent subject matter on this blog. Interesting and an eye opener.

  6. What a site. What an idea. Love the grandmother among all the facts and stories.

  7. Thanks for making me appreciate the hard work that went into things I take for granted today,

  8. I like the mix of pieces. History, personal story, trends, news.

  9. Original material that I haven’t seen other places. Thank you.

  10. Erundina King

    Information on the subject of votes for women online is still very scarce.

  11. The presidential candidates are rushing around to attract the women’s vote. I find it interesting that Nancy Pelosi is bringing the early suffragists into her speeches.

  12. How clever. I will remember this the next time I visit the Statue of Liberty in New York. I wonder if your guides tell this story. I doubt it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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