Oregon suffrage centennial sash, plus news from Arizona and Kansas

  • Oregon’s suffrage centennial has some novel programs, such as the traveling sash that’s photographed as it moves around the state (called “Follow the Sash”). A sash is available for $15 from the Oregon Women’s History Consortium. The centennial web site, “Century of Action,” has historical documents, essays, news, events, and suffrage history.
  • Glencoe Elementary Suffrage Singers are shown above with Oregon’s first female governor, Barbara Roberts. The choir performed an original suffrage song called “Hey Mister” for audiences. Photo by Andie Petkus, courtesy of Oregon Women’s History Consortium, Century of Action project.
  • For some of the Arizona suffrage centennial highlights, follow this link. New play part of Arizona celebration.
  • Novel published in time for Kansas suffrage centennial celebration.
  • You can subscribe to Suffrage Wagon News Channel on several platforms.

6 responses to “Oregon suffrage centennial sash, plus news from Arizona and Kansas

  1. Warren and Bertha Dylan

    Wish we could get my two daughters to subscribe to this blog. All they want to do is Facebook and cell phone. We tell them they can do both, but what can parents do?

  2. It’s a rare find when aggregated news is mixed with personal stories. I get an idea of what’s going on now and what it means compared to back then.

  3. Oh, I might have to get myself a sash! Thanks for the link.

  4. As we say in England – spiffing! Thank you so much!

  5. i like to come to your website often to see what’s new.

  6. I’ve ordered a sash for my wife’s August 26th equality day party she’s having by inviting a few friends over. I’ll be there too. Kind of like standing in for Grandfather Wilmer. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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