Video about women voting in our back yard to the north

Nine minute video about the history of women voting in Canada. Plans for a suffragette statue in Australia. Click here. New Zealand women plan their 120th anniversary of Votes for Women. Online book about woman suffrage in Mexico. Canada’s extraordinary suffragists.


9 responses to “Video about women voting in our back yard to the north

  1. Wow. How my head has been in the sand. I never thought much about Canada. It sounds like the Canadian women had to push the boot off their necks. Very interesting. And I like the other links. Makes me think about a subject I hadn’t thought about much before.

  2. Wood...Charlie

    Have you ever gotten into the details of the stories of these Canadian women who put themselves on the line? They are amazing stories.

  3. !!!!!!!!!! That’s what I have to say.

  4. I like how you look north, and east and west.

  5. When visiting Canada, I check out sites related to woman suffrage. The Canadians are getting their act together.

  6. Simply admirable what you have done here.

  7. I like your use of video. Brings the issue alive.

  8. This is very provocative material. Thanks for your persistence in presenting it.

  9. Carol Herbart

    The Canadians have their act together.

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