Oregon suffrage centennial has plenty of photo opps and dressups!

Former Oregon governor Barbara Roberts, center, with LuAnn Trotebas, left, and Alyce Cornyn-Selby, right, from the National Hat Museum, wearing vintage 1912 hats at a Oregon 2012 suffrage centennial event. Photos courtesy of Oregon Women’s History Consortium, Century of Action project. Photos by Andie Petkus.

The story of suffrage is inching across the nation. The states of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Washington have observed their centennials. Oregon, Kansas and Arizona are in the midst of it now, and with this –the awareness of a remarkable time in history grows stronger.

Former Oregon governor Barbara Roberts has been playing an important role by emphasizing the importance of this observance as she travels on the speakers’ circuit. See article.  Roberts gave a speech before the City Club of Portland in the past year where she told the audience:

“History is meant, not to sit on a shelf, but to devour and think about and talk about and share.” She called the suffrage movement something “. . . that’s little told and is highly under appreciated” and how this “is about to change.” Roberts’ perspective is shared by many: “We’re bringing our place in history out of the shadows” and she’s reminded of Susan B. Anthony’s charge: “Never another season of silence.”

But what has happened in the past 100 years? This article from the Portland Tribune raises the question of how much footing women have gained in Oregon’s political arena.

More to come about the Oregon suffrage centennial. Subscribe to Suffrage Wagon News Channel for news and updates.


6 responses to “Oregon suffrage centennial has plenty of photo opps and dressups!

  1. Hi Marguerite, thanks for the interesting post & the reference to the two good articles from Oregon. Please note that the article about former Gov. Roberts left out California from the list of early suffrage states (Oregon pride at work?!?). The centennial in California was last year–this year it’s in AZ and KS as well as OR. OR seems to be doing the best job of celebrating.



  2. Oh, goodie. Dress ups. I love dressing up for a good cause, and suffrage history isn’t something I ever thought about before. Blessings for bringing this to my attention.

  3. Have you gone to the Susan B. Anthony House? I did last month and wasn’t prepared for how exciting it would be.

  4. Those oregon women are really on their toes.

  5. thanks very much for this great post!

  6. I am a sucker for dress ups. Will you have some blog postings about getting together an August 26th celebration?

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