Six-part interview series on the overview of suffrage history

Among serious suffrage buffs, you either like Carrie Chapman Catt or you don’t. Some believe she got too much credit for the suffrage win, and others would say not enough. Chances are, most people today haven’t heard of her. So the six-part interview series featuring Nate Levin might be filed away in the deep archives of human memory, except for the fact that Levin lays out a simple story line explaining the suffrage movement which is worth spending some time with.

Nate Levin wraps himself in the term “suffrage buff,” so much so that he created a Facebook page called Suffrage Buffs of America. His mother was a loyal member of the League of Women Voters (Grandmother Edna was a member) which has turned into a lifelong interest for Nate. He’s written  a book about Carrie Chapman Catt that’s free on Google Books. (It’s also available in hard copy). You can get to know more about Nate by way of YouTube in this five-part suffrage interview series: Program #1, Program #2, Program #3. Program #4. Program #5. Program #6.  And there’s more about Nate Levin on Suffrage Wagon News Channel where we feature his Facebook page that’s geared to other suffs like Nate…and me. There’s a great deal of information out there about the suffs, and it’s comforting to find a corner where people talk about these subjects.


3 responses to “Six-part interview series on the overview of suffrage history

  1. Reblogged this on Young Women of Gilbert and commented:
    90 some odd years ago these are the women who gained the right to vote for all women in America.

  2. The history of all the suffrage organizations I found confusing, but these interviews helped me put things in place in my mind. Thanks for pointing out these jewels.

  3. Unfortunately, the next year brought defeats, not more victories. In New York, a few powerful conservative politicians made sure that the new state constitution would not give voting rights to women. The national organization then concentrated on Kansas where there was to be an election on suffrage. All the national leaders went to Kansas to campaign. Carrie spoke at least once in almost every county in the state. But two of the three main political parties fought against suffrage. The economy was very bad and the people were divided and upset. Carrie had had very good audiences for her speeches and expected the campaign to succeed. Instead, the result of the election was a crushing defeat.

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