Albany women’s exhibit has the “Spirit of 1776”

The “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon on display at NYS capitol in Albany, NY

Grandmother Edna Kearns’ suffrage wagon is highlighted in the exhibition, “From Seneca Falls to the Supreme Court,” that’s presently on display at the NYS capitol in Albany, New York. It constitutes a must-see experience and well worth my long trip to arrive here early this week. With the suffrage wagon named the “Spirit of 1776” as an exhibit centerpiece, the freedom theme is magnified by the panels featuring individual women from New York who have made a significant mark on state and national history, as well as current affairs.

“From Seneca Falls to the Supreme Court: New York’s women leading the way” balances the recently-opened Hall of the Governors, filled with portraits of men, with an exhibit introductory panel highlighting a statement rarely seen in public:

While women”… may not have always been the individuals passing the laws, women were writing the policies, organizing campaigns and generating awareness. For too long, these efforts have been minimized, omitted from the history books or forgotten completely.”

Hats off to the planners, researchers, governor and state museum staff and supporters responsible for the exhibition. See links: Capitol web site and coverage by Capitol Confidential.


6 responses to “Albany women’s exhibit has the “Spirit of 1776”

  1. Actually I’m going to see this exhibit tomorrow – will comment more after that!

  2. It looks bigger indoors on the polished floor!

  3. When’s the wagon going to come to my town? Guess I’ll have to subscribe to your news channel.

  4. So what’s behind the Spirit of 1776 anyway?

  5. Casablanca Howard

    I wish I could go to this exhibit. Albany is just too far away. really like how you bring the exhibit to my laptop and it almost feels like I am there. I have a good feeling about your blog and web site. How it’s going to pay off some time. Keep it up!

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