The English suffragettes relaxed their stiff upper lips

When people say they feel helpless in the face of overwhelming odds, an attitude or obstacle, it’s time for all of us to remember the serious resistance the British women were up against in their fight for the ballot. The suffragettes’ bold tactics became known worldwide after their decision to stretch the bondaries. Here’s a selection from Mary Walton’s 2010 book, A Woman’s Crusade:

“All over England, suffragettes ‘hid in bushes and under platforms, scaled roofs, let themselves down through skylights in order to interrupt meetings with the dreaded call, ‘votes for women.'”

While the suffrage story has been very low key for many years, it’s jumping into center stage in England with the announcement of the upcoming year’s centennial celebration of Emily Davison. Many of her relatives are involved, including the release of material previously unavailable. Check it out. The trailer of “Everything is Possible,” a UK film about Sylvia Pankhurst is a must see, if you haven’t run across it already. It’s a story of vision, determination, and a lifelong dedication to the goal of freedom. There’s also a fascinating link on the film’s web site about Sylvia’s security files compiled by the British government.


10 responses to “The English suffragettes relaxed their stiff upper lips

  1. I enjoyed this.

  2. Interesting stuff. Nice blog you have! Will visit more in the future! Thanks, Frank

  3. What did grandmother Edna say about the English women and what they did? Were the English women controversial in the U.S. or did they inspire action? Am curious.

  4. I’d never heard of Emily Davidson. Wow!

  5. About time that this subject got some juice.

  6. Cheers! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the ladies stood up and took charge.

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  9. My, they were brave.

  10. Amazing. Would be interested in finding out out more about this.

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