New curriculum materials for “Iron Jawed Angels” film

Grandmother Edna Kearns wouldn’t have had a starring role in “Iron Jawed Angels,” a classic introduction for many about the woman’s suffrage movement. However, she would have been in the office of the National Woman’s Party during the scenes when the suffs picketed the White House. And as such, she would have represented the many grassroots activists it took to win Votes for Women. Check out the mention of Edna in the online magazine, New York History.

Now there’s a curriculum guide available that uses “Iron Jawed Angels” to make history come alive. I haven’t seen the materials myself, but I’m passing them on because they stress the angle of nonviolent social change and its importance in the suffrage movement. Check out the press release. Plus additional information.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel is now on a new platform.


4 responses to “New curriculum materials for “Iron Jawed Angels” film

  1. I hope that you can develop study materials for schools based on what you’re sharing here. It is quite a contribution.

  2. Thanks for posting this — it’s always good to find new ways to teach our kids about this important time in history and how it relates to them today.

  3. Rattling good info can be found on this site.

  4. I would love to get this guide myself. If there’s one film I like, it’s “iron jawed angels.” Great to touch into your news channel.

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