Oldest Long Island Suffragist, Rhoda Glover

The photo below from the Library of Congress photo collection shows Rhoda Glover, oldest Long Island suffragist riding in a horse-drawn wagon during a local parade. Grandmother Edna referred to Glover in one of her many columns about the Long Island suffrage campaign –in particular because suffragist Glover lived in Rockville Centre, New York (Nassau County) and was active in the suffrage club there. Edna Kearns served at one time as the Rockville Centre suffrage club president.


3 responses to “Oldest Long Island Suffragist, Rhoda Glover

  1. Love the photo 🙂 Do you have all the newspaper clippings from your grandmother’s papers? I love seeing all the original articles, it really brings everything alive!

  2. Many of the photos are from my grandmother Edna’s collection. I agree. They have a freshness that makes the subject matter come alive!

  3. Francine Scorsese

    Interesting, isn’t it, how photos are included in places like the Library of Congress and there isn’t much known about them. I especially like the personal comments from grandmother Edna.

  4. Your post about the oldest suffragist on Long Island reminded me of an article that appeared in an English newspaper comparing the suffragists of yesteryear to the suffragists of today. The article even makes that comparison.

    Take a look.

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