A suffrage wagon named “Victory”: Look out Saudi Arabia!

The evidence of another suffrage campaign wagon known as “Victory” has surfaced in a 1915 news article about a torchlight suffrage parade in New York City. The wagon was accompanied by decorated automobiles, bands, and marchers representing different segments of society. Saudi women and others throughout the world today are curious about U.S. suffrage history and for good reason. See Bonnie Smith’s comments on the Suffrage Wagon News Channel about the curiosity of women from other parts of the world in our Votes for Women history.

The strength and power of organizing for rights can be seen in the evidence of Saudi Arabia relenting and throwing a few crumbs in the direction of its women residents. I use the word “residents” because they still have second-class status. Beginning in 2013, Saudi women can be appointed to the shura council (a policy advisory organization). In 2015 Saudi women will be able to vote and run for municipal elections. Women still aren’t full citizens, and they aren’t allowed to drive cars. If they decide to run for office on the local level, they’ll need permission from their husbands, fathers or male guardians. Reform? A baby step, perhaps.

5 responses to “A suffrage wagon named “Victory”: Look out Saudi Arabia!

  1. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/archaic-saudi-laws-impeding-true-progress/story-e6frg6ux-1226164221281

    Interesting link to address the question of women’s suffrage in Saudi Arabia. Makes you stop and think.

  2. Fantastic Stuff! Must say I am impressed.

  3. I love the layout of your blog. Obviously, you have a very valid point.

  4. The Saudis will have to get used to women being seen as full human beings. My hat’s off to my brave sisters there.

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