Maude Malone wouldn’t leave U.S. President Woodrow Wilson alone

Maude Malone at a 1914 suffrage meeting. Photo: Library of Congress.

When activist Maude Malone stood up at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in October of 1912 to interrupt Woodrow Wilson’s campaign speech on monopolies taking over the country, she yelled: “How about votes for women?” She then repeated her questioning: “You just said you were trying to destroy a monopoly, and I ask you what about woman suffrage? The men have a monopoly.” Wilson replied that this wasn’t an issue the national government needed to be concerned about. The suffragist continued: “I am speaking to you as an American, Mr. Wilson.”  Although Malone was hauled off to jail, the incident didn’t go unnoticed.

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3 responses to “Maude Malone wouldn’t leave U.S. President Woodrow Wilson alone

  1. Funny that Maude not only got her point across, but it has haunted Woodrow Wilson’s memory ever since. Ha! Makes me think that the suffragettes didn’t know at the time how effective they were. Don’t you think?

  2. Although this subject matter could be really touchy for almost all men and women, my feeling is the fact there has received to be a center or general floor that most of us can find. I do appreciate that you’ve additional suitable and intelligent commentary below though. Thanks!

  3. Keep up the good work!

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