Photo of my grandmother Edna in 1912

Barnstorming for Votes for Women on Long Island, my grandmother Edna Buckman Kearns didn’t leave a stone unturned in her campaigning for Votes for Women. This photo is from a New York State suffrage publication, showing her to the right holding an umbrella.


5 responses to “Photo of my grandmother Edna in 1912

  1. Hello friends. I want to alert you to the PBS tv show “History Detectives” and its segment on “Votes for Women,” which traces the origins of a banner found in an attic in upstate New York. Edna’s not in the show, but the “big picture” is about everything she was part of, so tune in. Airdate in NYC on channel 13 is September 20th. I’m the historical expert for the show. If you’d like to create a viewing party at school, club, living room, let me know and we can coordinate.
    Louise Bernikow

  2. She looks like you, Marguerite!

  3. Thanks, Louise, for letting us know about what you’re involved with.

  4. That sounds like a great show, Louise — thanks for posting about it.

  5. Monique Robinson

    Louise, This PBS program sounds like a winner. Does it mean that Votes for Women is really going mainstream?

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