Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

Remember Your Mothers, Grandmothers. . . NOW!

Add your own personal stories to the fabric of women’s history by going to this website: http://1000memories.com/women-in-history. You can include photos, narratives, and memories of your mothers, grandmothers, and heroines alongside many famous women from history. This special website allows for a collective celebration of women’s history and aims to create a place where current and future generations of women can be inspired by the role of women in history.  The idea is to create a single place where the women important in each of our lives are remembered. When you click on any woman, you can see the richer details of her life in stories and photos.

Did you know that in 1990 President George H. W. Bush first declared March 10 to be Harriet Tubman Day? In 2003, New York State established the holiday.