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More Awareness of Women’s History. . .

Such as the article in The New York Times about Susan B. Anthony’s home. Let’s see how long it stays up for public view.

And a very interesting clip about the women of the UK and their suffrage movement.


Standing on Edna’s Shoulders

The intuitive feminine is building toward a tipping point, a state of affiars that builds a bridge from the present, into the past and future. This was the vision of Edna’s generation which is manifesting at the present time.

New York City, a Hub of New Ideas

The New York City Edna moved to with her new husband, Wilmer R. Kearns, was bustling with activists and new ideas. The NYP is my least favorite newspaper, but a feature article highlighting this period of history lays it out in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which mentions suffrage activism of the women of the period.

Videos Online Feature Suffrage

YouTube features: “Women’s Suffrage 1776-1900,” “We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants,” “Susan B. Anthony.”

Thrilling Image

How thrilling to have been standing up so high and photographing an incredible event like this —women marching in the streets of New York City. My grandmother Edna May Buckman was there. I’m sure of it.

1913 NYC Suffrage Parade, George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress)

Edna Will Return to New York

After leaving New York State behind in 1920 when she moved back to her family home in Pennsylvania, Edna May Buckman will return to New York when her horse-drawn carriage used for the suffrage campaign goes on exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany in 2010. A new wing of the museum is being planned that highlights women’s rights in New York State. This article is from Legacy Magazine, Summer 2008.

Edna's suffrage wagon will go on exhibit in 2012